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Company Profile

Zhuhai HIGRAND Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code 871447), which was established in 2001, is a member of Huafa Group and the subsidiary of Zhuhai Huafa Technology Industry Group Co.,Ltd. The company is a high-tech enterprise researching and developing the electronics precision machinery, especially in the R&D, production, sales and the service of technology for li-ion battery production equipments, aluminum electrolytic capacitor and V-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor production equipments.

HIGRAND has been identified to be National High-tech Enterprise since 2002. Also it undertakes National Torch Program Projects and it’s ‘Enterprise with the Advantages in Intellectual Property in Guangdong Province’, ‘one of the 100 Manufacturing Equipment Enterprises which are primarily supported by Guangdong Government’, ‘The Best Enterprise in Observing Contacts and Valuing Credits in Guangdong Province’, ‘AAAA Good Behavior Enterprise’. Our R&D center is also ‘The center of Guangdong’s optical precision machinery equipment and engineering ’.

HIGRAND takes the advantage of the technology from Tsinghua University and united many institutions and colleges together to do independent R&D. It has designed and developed more than 40 products, and owns over 400 patents. Six of the products have been identified to be the most important new products in China or Guangdong Province. Eleven of the products have been identified to be hi-tech products in Guangdong Province. Also the company has developed 7 new national or industry standards, and 5 local standards.


HIGRAND Technology is one of the biggest specialized manufacturers in li-ion industry, and implements ISO9001 quality management system. The Automatic Welding & Cutting Machine, Automatic Winding Machine, Automatic Welding & Winding Machine(Cylindrical/Prismatic), Prismatic Cell Hot Pressing Machine ,Stacking Machine, Mandrel Winding Machine, Scraping Machine, Sleeving Machine, CCD Testing Machine and Cell Conveyor Line etc., also a series of machinery equipments for all kinds of electrolytic capacitors. HIGRAND has a good reputation in the industry and gets cooperation with more than 200 famous enterprises at home and abroad.

HIGRAND’s target is to supply the best products, and HIGRAND’s responsibility is to improve the costumers’ automation level. Now it is trying its best to develop and innovate, and create a bright future.